Lose Weight, Keep it Off, Change Your Life

Weight Loss

I lost 47 lbs

“I finally have a ton of energy and I’m feeling more self-confident. I have dropped from a size 14 to a size 4/6. I have lost 47 lbs and I feel FANTASTIC!”

Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Change Your Life

Ideal Protein is the right choice to keep the weight off and change your life for the better. The Ideal Protein program is specially designed to eliminate fat and maintain long-lasting weight loss.

How It Works

While you use the Ideal Protein protocol, you can expect to lose 2-6 pounds per week yet keep muscle at the same time. We also take steps to ensure you have a better idea of how food works in relation  to supporting your overall wellbeing and health. Our health experts remain with you every step of the way through weekly coaching, and we’ll also be sure to provide you with a plan catered specifically to your unique health needs.

The Meals

You will love our Ideal Protein food. Everything can be prepared in 10 minutes or less. This isn’t just food in a box. Think more along the lines of gourmet meals. If you like, you’re free to add extra ingredients, such as vegetables, fish or chicken. Even better, these meals can be served at a variety of temperatures for ease of preparation.

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