Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Monthly Favorites

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20-Minute Dinners You Can Make Even After a Long Day

Healthy Meals

When meal-prep doesn’t happen, pizza delivery does. Because who has time to actually make a full dinner when you get home after a long day? This week’s featured foodie, Neda Varbanova of Healthy With Nedi, proves that cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be time-consuming. She compiled her favorite 20-minute recipes so you don’t have to settle for takeout, or spend hours in the kitchen (we know you really just want to be sitting on the couch) to get a delicious dinner on the table. Read more….

A 5K Training Plan for People Who Basically Hate Running

So you want to run a 5K? Yes! Except you’re not willing to overhaul your entire life to fit in long runs and figure out complicated workouts. We get it. But you can still easily prep for a 5K race or run without sacrificing your sanity. This plan features totally doable weekday workouts and one long run on the weekends.Read more….

6 Ways to Look and Feel Good This Summer

Look Good Feel Good

With every new season comes a new set of beauty woes: hair loss as the leaves fall in autumn, dry skin in the cold of winter, humidity from all the rain in spring. And while summer may bring with it beachy waves and sun-kissed cheeks, it also presents many problems of its own. Here, we offer solutions to some common ones. Read more….

24 Actually Helpful Tips for Waking Up Early to Work Out

We know not everyone is a morning person. (And even fewer of us are eager to wake up and hit the gym.) But getting up and moving can actually be an amazing way to start your day—for most of us, it’s just a matter of how. Read more….

39 Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Healthy Breakfast Options

We admit it: There are some (or more like, many) mornings where it’s everything we can do to will ourselves out of bed and grab a fistful of cereal or a crappy granola bar on our way out the door. It’s not like a gourmet breakfast is a realistic everyday goal. But that doesn’t mean we should settle for a sugar rush that will leave us sad and hungry just a half hour later. You’d be surprised how many healthy breakfast ideas require very little effort when put into practice. We’re about to blow your mind with everything from crazy-easy breakfast muffins you can make ahead of time to healthy smoothie recipes you can whip up day-of in just minutes. Overnight oats recipe? Oh yeah. We’ve got a killer one of those. And did we mention the PB&J waffle sandwich? How had we not thought of this genius combination already?! Read more….

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